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Bad Wolf was founded to create ambitious, imaginative and relevant drama for the UK, US and global TV markets.  An independent scripted production company based in South Wales, London and Los Angeles, Bad Wolf is the result of over 15 years of creative collaboration between founders Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner and the production and creative community of Wales. 

The Bad Wolf story began when Jane, Julie and DOCTOR WHO head writer Russell T Davies, re-imagined the iconic series and decided to base the production in Cardiff, where it remains to this day.  DOCTOR WHO was the spark that led to a drama renaissance in the Welsh television industry, that saw TORCHWOOD, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, SHERLOCK, ATLANTIS, MERLIN and CASUALTY all shoot in the Welsh capital and build a creative community that continues to this day.

After relocating to Los Angeles to lead BBC Worldwide Productions and Adjacent Productions, Jane and Julie continued to bring innovative drama production to Wales with three seasons of the award-winning series DA VINCI’S DEMONS for the US Network Starz and a global audience through Fox International.  Bad Wolf is their third act. 

Just as the ninth Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler scattered a message to the Doctor via BAD WOLF, throughout time and space, the Bad Wolf team has sent a message to the world that Wales is a centre of creative excellence, built around a vibrant production industry. 

Enjoying a strong partnership and launched with support from Welsh Government, Bad Wolf founded Wolf Studios Walesa world class production facility in Cardiff, and Screen Alliance Wales, an education and training scheme to engage with emerging talent to grow, nurture and build skills across the creative industries. 

Why Wales?  It was always about Wales, a country that embraces the arts and industry in equal measure.  

God’s own country of beauty, poetry, history and hard graft.

Filming in Wales transformed the lives of founders Jane and Julie. After working all over the world, they knew there was only one choice of home for their new production company, Bad Wolf.  Wales had the breadth, depth and capability necessary to grow its creative industries.

In founding Bad Wolf Jane and Julie have started a production company that is creating drama with global reach, that is building worldwide momentum for the local industry with the ambition to provide employment 52 weeks of the year for the crews and establishing Wales as a long lasting centre of excellence.




Sefydlwyd Bad Wolf gyda’r bwriad o greu drama uchelgeisiol, greadigol a pherthnasol ar gyfer marchnadoedd teledu’r DU, yr Unol Daleithiau a’r farchnad fyd-eang. Cwmni cynyrchiadau sgriptedig annibynnol yn Ne Cymru, Llundain a Los Angeles yw Bad Wolf, a chanlyniad dros 15 mlynedd o gydweithio creadigol rhwng y sylfaenwyr Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner a chymuned gynhyrchu a chreadigol Cymru ydyw.

Dechreuodd stori Bad Wolf pan wnaeth Jane, Julie a Russell T Davies, prif awdur DOCTOR WHO, ail-ddehongli’r gyfres eiconig honno a phenderfynu lleoli’r cynhyrchiad yng Nghaerdydd, ac yno y mae hyd heddiw. DOCTOR WHO oedd y sbarc a arweiniodd at adfywiad drama yn y diwydiant teledu yng Nghymru, ac a welodd TORCHWOOD, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, SHERLOCK, ATLANTIS, MERLIN a CASUALTY i gyd yn cael eu saethu ym mhrifddinas Cymru gan greu cymuned greadigol sy’n bodoli hyd heddiw.

Ar ôl ail-leoli i Los Angeles er mwyn arwain BBC Worldwide ac Adjacent Productions, parhaodd Jane a Julie i ddod â chynyrchiadau drama arloesol i Gymru gyda thair cyfres o DA VINCI’S DEMONS ar gyfer rhwydwaith Starz yn yr Unol Daleithiau ac ar gyfer cynulleidfa fyd-eang trwy Fox International. Bad Wolf yw eu trydedd act.

Yn union fel yr anfonodd Rose Tyler, cydymaith y nawfed Doctor, neges i’r Doctor oedd yn treiddio trwy amser a’r gofod trwy BAD WOLF, mae tîm Bad Wolf wedi anfon neges i’r byd fod Cymru’n ganolfan rhagoriaeth greadigol sydd wedi ei hadeiladu o gwmpas diwydiant cynhyrchu bywiog.

Gan fwynhau partneriaeth gref a’i lansio gyda chefnogaeth Llywodraeth Cymru, sefydlodd Bad Wolf Stiwdio Blaidd Cymru, cyfleuster cynhyrchu gwych yng Nghaerdydd, a Screen Alliance Wales, cynllun addysg a hyfforddiant i ddenu talent newydd er mwyn tyfu, meithrin a datblygu sgiliau ar draws y diwydiannau creadigol.

Pam Cymru? Roedd hyn wastad am Gymru – gwlad sy’n cofleidio’r celfyddydau a diwydiant.

Gwlad o harddwch, barddoniaeth, hanes a gwaith caled.

Fe drawsnewidiodd ffilmio yng Nghymru fywydau’r sylfaenwyr, Jane a Julie. Ar ôl gweithio ledled y byd, roeddent yn sicr mai dim ond un dewis o gartref oedd yna ar gyfer eu cwmni cynhyrchu newydd, Bad Wolf. Roedd gan Gymru’r ehangder, y dyfnder a’r gallu angenrheidiol i ddatblygu ei diwydiannau creadigol.

Wrth sefydlu Bad Wolf, mae Jane a Julie wedi ffurfio cwmni cynhyrchu sy’n creu drama sydd â chynulleidfa fyd-eang, sy’n adeiladu momentwm ym mhedwar ban y byd i ddiwydiant lleol, sydd â’r uchelgais o ddarparu cyflogaeth 52 wythnos y flwyddyn ar gyfer criwiau ac sydd hefyd am sefydlu Cymru fel canolfan rhagoriaeth am flynyddoedd i ddod.



The Team

Jane Tranter


Jane Tranter is one of the most highly celebrated television producers in the UK. A recipient of the BAFTA Special Award for her contribution to television, Jane started her career…

Julie Gardner


Julie Gardner is best known for her work as Head of Drama, BBC Wales. Alongside Russell T Davies, Julie spearheaded the revival of BAFTA-wining Doctor Who, as well as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Natasha Hale

Chief Operating Officer

Natasha Hale ran a music management and publishing company with investment from Sony Music, before a successful career as a senior civil servant in the Welsh government. She moved on…

Ifty Khan

Senior Business Affairs and Legal Executive

Ifty is a solicitor who led the BBC Wales Studios team before joining Bad Wolf in early 2017. He’s previously worked on both independent and in house drama deals, including…

Mary Furlong

Head of Finance

Mary joined Bad Wolf in November 2017 after working as Finance Director for the Windmill Lane Group, one of the biggest digital VFX and post production companies in Ireland.  Prior…

Lachlan MacKinnon

Executive Producer

Lachlan joined Bad Wolf in 2017 having completed The White Princess for US cable network Starz. Prior to that he produced the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated single drama Burton…

Ryan Rasmussen

SVP, Creative Affairs

Ryan started his career in 2008 as a Story Editor with Laura Ziskin Productions, working across a slate of both film and television projects, including the development of Lee Daniels’…

Jeff Boone

Director of Development

Jeff joined Bad Wolf in September 2018 from Entertainment One Television, where he functioned as Manager of Global Scripted Development, contributing to all aspects of the company’s US and UK…

Ellen Marsh

Creative Director

Ellen is Creative Director at Bad Wolf. She joined the company as a Development Executive in 2017, and became Head of Development in 2018. As Creative Director, Ellen works across…

David P. Davis

Development Producer

David P. Davis is Development Producer at Bad Wolf. He joined Bad Wolf in June 2018, having previously worked as a freelance Script Executive for Left Bank Pictures and the…

Gabriella Ricci

Production Executive

Gabriella Ricci first started her TV/Film career working in Factual Entertainment and managed a range of fast paced extreme sports programmes for Channel 4, ITV and Eurosport, to name a…

Ben Jenkins

Operations Executive

Ben started working in TV around 10 years ago after starting his career in the radio world, managing a local radio station. He was accommodation co-ordinator on Da Vinci’s Demons…

Xandria Horton

Script Executive

After studying Journalism at Cardiff University, Xandria returned to Wales with Bad Wolf in June 2016 as Script Editor on A Discovery of Witches and His Dark Materials. Since November 2018,…

Brian Bornstein

Creative Executive

Brian started out temping at Warner Brothers where he bounced between the Conan and Ellen productions. From there he moved on to Pathfinder Media, a literary management/production fusion company, as…

Zina Wegrzynski

Development Executive

Zina joined Bad Wolf in 2019 as a Development Executive. Before this she was at Kindle Entertainment for four years, where she developed and script edited multiple projects including The…

Bethan Evans

Script Editor

Bethan joined Bad Wolf in April 2018 as script editor. After studying Film and Literature at the University of Warwick, she spent the first ten years of her career in…

Gavin Mears

Corporate Accountant

Gavin joined Bad Wolf as Corporate Accountant in July 2018 having previously worked in a similar role in the Aviation industry. A graduate in Accounting from Cardiff University, he has…

Michelle Kay

Operational Assistant

Michelle graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Business Management. She has always held a passion for the creative industries – predominantly in theatre where she has performed and…

Selam Tesfaselassie

Finance Assistant

Selam joined Bad Wolf in April 2018 as account assistant. Selam had worked as account assistant at various Private and public organisation including Liberty Stadium and Company House.

Cat Taylor

Executive Assistant to Jane Tranter

Cat graduated with a degree in War Studies from Kings College London before pursuing her love of great storytelling into the world of Film and TV. She has worked as…

Anna Fywell

Development Assistant

Anna joined Bad Wolf in May 2018. She supports the development team to help find new writing talent and assist with projects on the slate. Prior to Bad Wolf, Anna…

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