About Bad Wolf America

Bad Wolf America (BWA) was formally set up as a US based sister-company to Bad Wolf in 2019. Based in Los Angeles and run by Julie Gardner, Bad Wolf America was founded to create ambitious, imaginative and relevant content for the US and global TV markets.

BWA’s first series commission is LADY IN THE LAKE for Apple TV+. Based on the best-selling novel by Laura Lippman, the limited series will star Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o, with Alma Har’el writing, directing and executive-producing. BWA is producing alongside Crazyrose, with Endeavor Content serving as the studio.

The company has series set up with HBO, Peacock, and FX, and has numerous projects in development with Endeavor Content, under a bespoke development deal. BWA is also working with studios Paramount Television and Fremantle, and is partnered with a host of other production companies on several projects such as Crazyrose, LuckyChap Entertainment, Pearl Street and Rise Films.

BWA is represented by WME.

Meet the Team

Julie Gardner

Founder, Bad Wolf and Bad Wolf America

Kaleigh O’Boyle

EA to Julie Gardner